Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service


Leading Edge Data Centres provides clients with a seamless backup process which provides an easy- to-use platform to manage all backup data, backup schedules, and restorations quickly.

Clients using our BUaaS solution have the peace of mind of knowing all their data is safely and securely backed up regularly and data can be restored at any time.


We have three main options for customers of various sizes and requirements, and we can also customise a specific BUaaS solution for specialised configurations:

Easy BUaaS

Designed for – up to 5 staff

Easy-BUaaS will encrypt all backup data and transfer it to one of our secure BUaaS data centres (your choice of BUaaS data centre) using your internet connection. Your backup data is always available for you to access if you need to retrieve or restore immediately.

Backup Box BUaaS

Designed for – 5 to 20 staff

BB-BUaaS (Backup Box BUaaS) is added to the customers’ network. Backup data passes through the BB to be managed and then transferred to one of our secure BUaaS data centres via your internet connection.

Direct BUaaS

Designed for – 20+ staff

Perfect for customers who have dedicated private connections to one of our data centres. All devices on the customers premises are backed up directly to one of our secure BUaaS data centres via a dedicated private connection.


One Click Installation

Customers can back up all data from their devices in the office including desktops, laptops, and on-premise servers through a simple one-click installation of a software agent on each device.

Fully Managed

A fully-managed solution where the client can make any requests via the portal ticketing system where we conduct all backup-related processes, including installing agent software on client devices, managing the backup schedule and retention periods for different levels of sensitive data, and restoring files and systems when necessary.

Simple Recovery

If, for any reason, a specific file needs to be recovered, or a whole desktop or server needs to be restored, the simple interface that customers can access allows them to quickly find the file from a previous backup and replace it immediately, or restore the whole system at the click of a button.

Always-Ready Cloud Infrastructure

In the event of a hardware failure in the primary environment where a restore back to the primary equipment is not possible, all our secure BaaS data centres have always- ready cloud infrastructure on the network, and act as failover servers to get your services back online through the restoring of backup images in the least amount of time.

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