Data Centre Interconnect

Data Centre Interconnect

Regionalise your business using Leading Edge DC's Data Centre Interconnection network.

What is a Data Centre Interconnect?

The growing adoption of IoT, 4K and 8k video, gaming, streaming video and collaboration, artificial intelligence and cloud services is driving demand for digital infrastructure located closer to the user to minimise latency and improve user experience.

You no longer need to engage multiple carriers to build a scalable regional network. Our Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) service helps unite your business by providing redundant, flexible ethernet connectivity between LEDC sites, including our metro PoPs, both quickly and reliably. Businesses no longer need to pay for extensive backhaul from regional sites, instead they can aggregate more cost effective access services in local regional areas and then interconnect with our redundant backbone.

Money Well Spent Using DCI's

Save the time, energy and cost spent on trying to identify carriers with complimentary redundant networks. LEDC have invested in the lowest latency and most diverse paths available, connected to our fully redundant hardware stack. This means hassle free complete end to end protection from one of our regional centres.

Every LEDC regional data centre is connected to our redundant wavelength backbone. This is Australia’s first high bandwidth, regional to metro DCI fabric. It offers seamless private connectivity between not only LEDCs facilities but also most major Metro DCs and cloud providers

Why Use Leading Edge’s
DCI Network?


Our fully redundant, regional network connects every Leading Edge DC to the next – and to major metro data centre providers too.


Approximately 80% of the Australian population is within 4ms of an LEDC facility. Using our platform this will result in better user experience. 5ms is the target latency for 5G networks to connect to compute and critical to the success of Industry 4.0 applications including intelligent transportation, smart factories, AR healthcare etc.


Our network currently extends to most major regional centres across NSW. Our Victorian and Queensland data centres will be interconnected into our NSW data centre network when complete. Current plans include most regional VIC and QLD centres where nbn POIs are located across these states.


Dependable DCI connections, low latency speed and high throughput due to data not being trafficked via the public internet allowing the transit of customers critical assets between data centres.


Have a Point of Presence (PoP), in regional areas where there is demand for your business’s services, or scale to meet your businesses global demand.


Connect with Leading Edge’s internet, cloud, telco and network connectivity providers located throughout the network to provide locally based services to meet customer demand.

How Do I Setup My Business for Growth With Leading Edge’s Data Centre Interconnects?

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Utilising Leading Edge Data Centres interconnected network of DC’s to deploy services for regional businesses across Australia.