Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity

Optimise user experiences and reduce internet latency with an LEDC business grade internet connection.

Resilient Regional Internet Connectivity

In addition to building regional data centres to help support regional business growth, we are building a network to interconnect these Tier III facilities to each other, to metro service providers and to the internet.

This supports our vision of bridging the digital divide in regional Australia. We’re also building a competitive regional partner marketplace with the aim of giving customers access to cost effective internet connectivity and other service providers in the value chain associated with digital transformation.

How Will Leading Edge
Data Centres Internet
Services Help My

Leading Edge Data Centres (LEDC) is Australia’s only regional data centre network. We are a licensed carrier – 537 and our Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) network now brings regional businesses competitive, resilient, high speed internet connectivity to their doorstep. Customers using the network are already benefiting from lower latency to help improve user experience.

Designed to support business critical applications, regional businesses can enjoy symmetrical upload and download speeds anywhere from 100Mbps to 100Gbps depending on requirements. Provisioning internet connectivity in our data centres is fast and easy, and as your business grows into other regional markets, we have the regional network backbone to support your growth.

What Types of Internet Connectivity Can be
Bought From Leading Edge Data Centres?

Business Internet

Reliable, fast and great value regional business internet.

Straightforward prices and simple ordering with rapid provisioning. Symmetrical, scalable speeds to suit any size of business. Stay online with our local support team, business-grade SLAs and unlimited data plans.

Choose LEDC Business Internet to support your online business, when you need glitch-free video conferencing, faultless streaming video, to support web-based applications and connect to cloud services.

Wholesale IP Transit

Connect your service provider business to the world.

LEDC IP Transit offers a reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective internet connectivity solution to regional service providers. Gain access to global content with low latency and full border gateway protocol (BGP) community exposure. Our network is designed to meet the expectations of regional service providers, who can have a point of presence at each of our data centres - and we manage the network from end-to-end inside Australia.

Internet Connectivity Features

Dedicated Fast Internet

Carrier-grade connectivity options for those regional businesses needing guaranteed low contention bandwidth with symmetrical upload and download speeds up to 100Gbps.

Unlimited Data

All LEDC internet plans have unlimited data quotas so there are no restrictions on how your business communicates.

Dual Stack

You can take advantage of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in a dual stack if required. Critical for the explosion of devices in an IoT world.

Locally Served

As your business grows or expands into other regional Australian markets, we have the capacity and network reach to support your goals. Our current plans cover more than 30 major regional areas across NSW, Victoria and QLD.

Scalability and Flexibility

LEDC internet services are available at all of our regional locations. Our regional network backbone provides the right end-to-end backhaul to support your growth.

How do I Organise Internet Connectivity for My Businesses IT Infrastructure?

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