Eliminate risk, increase resilience, maximise security and reduce costs with an LEDC colocation solution.

Our Colocation Services

With more than 30 sovereign data centres being built throughout regional Australia, all built to Tier III standard, Leading Edge Data Centres (LEDC) specifically cater to the growing IT infrastructure demands of regional businesses.

What Does Colocation Mean?

Colocation refers to space in a public data centre built to house an organisation’s data infrastructure, for example:
Storage etc.
The data centre offers reliable power, cooling, and security for customers to host equipment in return for a monthly fee. The ‘colocation’ reference is used as typically many businesses use the same data centre, but sometimes a data centre can be built for a single tenant.

Why colocate in a Leading
Edge Data Centre?

Share Cost

By using colocation, organisations share the cost of power, cooling, and data centre floor space with other tenants. It is fundamentally cheaper than building a new, private data centre. The economics of building your own dedicated facility in metro areas have not worked for more than a decade, and now Leading Edge Data Centres is providing the same options in regional Australia.

Less Maintainance

Organisations can still maintain their equipment as they did on-premises, but with less cost, better uptime and excellent security.

Scale With Ease

Colocation addresses the limitations of an ageing, on-premises data centre. Instead of building a new facility, organisations can simply scale and flex into a local LEDC colocation facility. The higher power requirements of contemporary compute solutions often trigger this move as existing infrastructure is not suitable.

Access to Competitive Service Providers

LEDC enables access to a competitive cloud, carrier and service provider marketplace. Cheaper, more reliable bandwidth. A wide variety of managed services. Digital transformation consultants.

Higher Reliability

Higher reliability means greater uptime. Your local Tier III Leading Edge DC is much more reliable than on-premises infrastructure. Network, power, and cooling system redundancy all lead to a 99.985% SLA uptime.

Maximum Security

LEDC invests in more stringent measures to secure your equipment including CCTV monitoring, two factor Bluetooth/facial recognition access management and fire detection and suppression systems.

Who Can Colocate in a Leading Edge Data Centre?

Managed Service Providers

System Integrators

Health Providers

Public Cloud Providers


Network Providers

Retail Service Providers

Content Distribution Networks

Federal, State and Local Government

Businesses from other sectors

Education Providers

Leading Edge Data Centres are carrier neutral facilities located in regional Australia and we don’t preference any business over another.

The above organisations securely colocate their own, or their customer’s critical data infrastructure, inside regional Leading Edge Data Centres.

Leading Edge Data Centre colocation customers can interconnect with other service providers to deliver unique, value-added services to their customers in regional Australia and beyond.

Colocation Features


All Leading Edge Data Centres are built to the globally recognized Uptime Institute Tier III data centre standard. Customers benefit from metered PDUs, one person access, SLA monthly reporting and remote monitoring by our NOC team.

Cost Reduction

Colocating in a Leading Edge Data Centre provides opportunities to reduce and eliminate the often hidden cost of housing IT infrastructure on-premise. Cabinets, power, cooling, networking, physical security, monitoring and other services are all rolled up into one monthly bill. Not to mention the often overlooked cost of downtime to your business.


Every Leading Edge Data Centre offers a 99.985% uptime SLA. There is redundancy built into all of the facility’s systems including cooling, power and fibre to support this SLA.


As your business grows, we have the regional network backbone and distributed colocation capability to support your expansion.

Partner Marketplace

Connect with Leading Edge DC's value-adding internet, cloud, telco and network connectivity providers offering services across the region to help connect your business with the world.

What Services Are Offered in a
Leading Edge Data Centre?

Rack Colocation

A dedicated half or full-rack cabinet ideal for customers who need a cost-effective solution and room to scale in the future.

Cage Colocation

Tailored solutions for those customers who need a larger, very secure footprint for their deployment within one or multiple Leading Edge Data Centres due to their significant compute requirements.

Smart Hands and Feet

Our regional technical support resources offer remote management, installation, media management, configuration and equipment troubleshooting 24/7.


We provide approved structured cabling services that minimise complexity and downtime risk.

Relocation & Installation Services

We can provide access to project management, specialised freight partners and transformation consultancies so that you can focus on your core business.

Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Our 24/7 helpdesk is there to ensure your data is secure and always available.

How Do I Organise Colocation For My Businesses IT Infrastructure?

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