Cross Connect

Cross Connect

Quickly connect to service providers in the same data centre as your IT infrastructure.

Speed is Your friend

A Leading Edge Data Centre cross connect enables customers to bypass the public internet, reducing latency and congestion issues by tapping directly into our marketplace of internet, cloud, telco and network connectivity providers who are located within the same data centre.

A cross connect is a must have to reach anything else inside the data centre including the public internet.

What is a Cross Connect?

A cross connect in a Leading Edge Data Centre is a physical single mode optical fibre cable which provides a private, point-to-point connection between two termination locations.

These termination locations are located in the same data centre and can be two colocation customers connecting with each other, or a customer connecting with a specific internet, cloud, telco or network provider to provide reliable private interconnection services.

Why You Should Use a Cross


Unlike the public internet, there is no latency or congestion with a cross connect as there’s no middleman between termination locations, cross connects avoid the public internet altogether.


Leading Edge Data Centre customers have the ability to conveniently connect to internet, cloud, telco and network connectivity providers allowing customers the optionality to provide specific internet services for the markets they address.


Cross connects don’t rely on a public internet connection, they reduce the potential for network failure and consistently provide higher and more stable speeds providing customers with increased, reliable compute power.


With a cross connect, the public internet is effectively bypassed eliminating a customer’s data to being exposed to public networks.

How Do I Organise a Cross Connect With Leading Edge Data Centres?

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