Faded Servers Expands its Hosting Business to Albury NSW

Reduces costs associated with servicing its metro located servers and opens up new regional customer opportunities.

"By partnering with Leading Edge Data Centres we’re now starting to see reductions in remote hands and feet costs, onboarding new local customers is easier, and we’re looking to increase our presence within LEDC’s network of data centres to support our expansion plans."

Matt Murphy Chief Operations Officer at Faded Servers

By downloading this case study you’ll learn:

  • The geographical servicing issues FadedServers had when trying to brake fix hosting servers in metro locations from regional NSW.
  • How they created a server hosting colocation service out of LEDCs Murray DC in Albury NSW, allowing FadedServers local customers access to one to four rack unit
  • About the cost reductions Faded Servers created by moving their server hosting points of presence out of metro DCs and into LEDCs network of interconnected DCs.

Download the Case Study

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