Orana Gardens Moves Their IT Infrastructure to the Edge

Streamlines IT suppliers and expenses, upgrades on premise IT equipment and redesigns its IT network delivering modern services to clients and staff.

"We’re paying 50% less than we were and receiving a 200% better service. I can open documents in milliseconds and use video conferencing platforms without any issues. Whether I’m in the office, the car or at home, I’ve got access to every platform I need when I need it. It’s seamless now – we’ve caught up to 2023 instead of being stuck in the 90s".

Clint Grose Chief Executive Officer at Orana Gardens Aged Care

By downloading this case study you’ll learn:

  • The challenges Orana Gardens were experiencing by having multiple points of potential failure across their aged care facility.
  • About how Leading Edge Data Centres and Regional IT redeployed their IT infrastructure to the edge in LEDCs Central West data centre in Dubbo NSW.
  • How Orana Gardens achieved an over 200% increase in management and staff work-related effectiveness and efficiencies.

Download the Case Study

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