Singleton Council Relocates Their Disaster Recovery Instance to LEDCs Hunter NSW Facility

Moves away from housing critical IT infrastructure at their works depot ensuring a robust and efficient disaster recovery platform.

"Having Leading Edge Data Centres Hunter NSW facility just an hour away, complete with all the necessary security, power, cooling, communications, and redundancy systems in place is truly remarkable. The ability to quickly move our equipment into the data centre to set up our disaster recovery instance, rather than relying on a provider’s equipment and processes, was a great advantage. Using our own servers, in which we’ve already heavily invested in, saved us on possible project cost additions as well."

John Harding Coordinator Information Technology at Singleton Council

By downloading this case study you’ll learn:

  • The problems Singleton Council ran into by locating their disaster recovery equipment at their works depot.
  • How Council transitioned their disaster recovery instance from their works depot to Leading Edge Data Centres Hunter NSW facility.
  • The positive effects locating their disaster recovery instance at Leading Edge Data Centres Hunter NSW facility has had on Council’s IT infrastructure and future IT plans.

Download the Case Study

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