2 May 2021

Leading Edge Data Centres Securing Land Across Regional Victoria to Improve Connectivity

Regional Victoria, 20 April 2021Leading Edge Data Centres (LEDC), Australia’s first dedicated regional data centre network provider, today announced that they are well advanced in securing land assets across Regional Victoria to build a network of Tier III Data Centres across the state. LEDC has already opened its first facility in Newcastle NSW, with seven sites opening in NSW in 2021 before commencing its Victorian rollout in 2022 and 2023.

Regional Victorians have often suffered from slow internet speeds, lack of provider choice and a high cost of connectivity.  COVID-19 compounded this issue where demand for the internet reached an all-time high, and many regional Victorians struggled to connect from home. LEDC is building facilities that are designed to enhance regional network performance by ‘keeping data local’ and reducing congestion on the NBN network by reducing the reliance on data travelling to and from Melbourne and Sydney.

 Land is being secured in Shepparton, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Traralgon, Horsham and Mildura, and the company has begun the process for Planning Applications across the state. The facilities will be interconnected through multiple telco carriers and are designed and built to withstand harsh Australian conditions. They are highly power efficient, leveraging a combination of grid and green power.

Local businesses in the regions will benefit from direct cloud connectivity, which will allow businesses to transition their business infrastructure out of their offices and into a secure facility with access to the major public cloud providers. The facilities can be used by any business who is currently managing their infrastructure on site. Many industries will benefit, including Government services such as Health, Education, Police, Justice and Emergency Services, amongst others.  Global and National Enterprise will be able to use the technology hubs to deliver of enhanced services to the currently underserved locals and businesses in regional areas, including IoT devices, AI, Voice-over IP, Edge computing and Cloud-based technologies.

The Agriculture industry will be able to take advantage of advanced IoT sensors, autonomous machinery and drone technology, which produces large amounts of critical data that can help reduce costs and enhance efficiencies of production. This will give farmers the ability to access live data, giving them the ability to manage their farm online, viewing moisture, disease, weather and crop yield information at anytime.

LEDC has been working closely with local Councils across the state to assess local demand, which will drive the rollout. CEO and Founder of Leading Edge Data Centres, Chris Thorpe said, “We have been overwhelmed by the positive support we have received from local Victorian Councils. It is clear that there is huge demand from local businesses and residents to improve connectivity to all of the Regional Cities where we’ll be building, and we are looking forward to bridging the digital divide of Regional Victoria.”

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