8 November 2019

Investment in US Edge Data Centres Highlights What’s Next for Australia’s Smart Networks and Streaming Platforms

There’s a tech trend in the US that Australian organizations should be excited about: the growing investment in, and use of edge networks and small yet nimble edge data centres.

Edge data centres and networks that can take advantage of network connectivity density and underserved population centres is a highly sought after capability in overseas markets – and in Australia, says Leading Edge DC CEO, Chris Thorpe.

“To deliver the experience customers expect, leading content delivery networks like Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as online gaming platforms and telecommunication operators need the ability to put data and computing resources close to the viewer, ” says Thorpe.

In the US – and now, in Australia – investment funding and development is heating up. Early market movers in the US include EdgeMicro, EdgePoint Systems and VaporIO delivering micro data centres or raising capital to take advantage of real estate options.

“We’re proud to be early movers in the Australian market with significant investment in real estate options already secured. The structure of the Internet and enterprise computing resources is changing – and we’re ready,” says Thorpe.


Distributed compute and lower latency networks deliver more nimble and better performing applications. The Internet architecture is evolving in order to meet new demands.

In Australia, investment in content delivery networks suited for streaming and gaming platforms have centered in and around major capital cities.

For hyperscale providers, this makes sense – power, infrastructure and customers are there in abundance. But the demand to deliver seamless digital experiences driven by real-time data and the growth of streaming competitors is placing strain on these traditional models.


“Our edge network, powered by partnerships with strategic real estate, diverse network connectivity, and cloud-ready services, deliver competitive solutions for customers requiring a smarter network,” Thorpe explains.

In the US, micro-data centre providers are augmenting hyperscale offerings, extending their footprint into locations they’ve previously overlooked or avoided.

“Our modular data centre design is exciting,” shares Thorpe. “Within weeks we can be present in new locations with a Tier III data centre, designed for Australian conditions, capable of scaling as required. Just like that, the network and content delivery possibilities have changed.”

Leading Edge DC is currently in pre-commitment phase for its Newcastle and Tamworth sites, offering competitive solutions and flexible footprints for early tenants.

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